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We Hope To See You Next Year

IL 2016 has wrapped up.  It was an excellent conference and followed in the traditions established over the last 20 years. (How time flies!) Presentations from many of the speakers are available here on the conference website. We hope you will be able to join us again next for IL 2017, hopefully in the new […]

Daniel Rasmus

Our Evolving Relationship With Data — The Closing Keynote

In his closing keynote address, Daniel Rasmus, Founder and Principal Analyst, Serious Insights and Chief Knowledge Officer, Virtual World Society, reviewed some of the many impacts that data has on our lives. He started by noting that our brains have the capability of holding information, and everything that is information only exists as such for a […]

Jennifer Koerber

A Model for Evaluating Emerging Technologies in a Library Setting

  Jennifer Koerber, formerly at the Boston Public Library and now a technology trainer and consultant, said that people have an idea where to find information, but many of them are overwhelmed by it.  So she developed a model for evaluating emerging technologies. Here are the steps in the typical research process. Technologies are often […]

Libraries: Innovative Spaces

Libraries: Innovative Spaces to Dream, Think, and Create

This session was an appropriate followup to the one by Susan Considine on Innovation and Transformation. Chad Marin, Library/Innovation Lab Manager, St. Petersburg College, led off by noting how he wrote a paper in graduate school comparing librarians to Prometheus. (Prometheus was a Greek god who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humanity.) The […]

Susan Considine

Transformation and Community Engagement

  Susan Considine, Director of the Fayetteville Free Public Library (FFPL) in Fayetteville, NY (near Syracuse) and a pioneer in makerspaces in libraries, described how her efforts have affected the community. She noted that no matter what type of environment we are in, we work with people. We often hear about transformation in our industry, […]

Larry Magid

Technology That May Impact Our Future — The Wednesday Keynote

Larry Magid, CEO,, columnist for the San Jose Mercury and, and a Tech Analyst for CBS News, has been covering technology since the 1980s. In common with many other speakers, he noted that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is his list of technologies that have significantly affected our […]